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CMALT Portfolio


  1. Contextual statement
  2. Core area 1: Operational issues
    • a) An understanding of the constraints and benefits of different technologies
    • b) Technical knowledge and ability in the use of Learning Technology
    • c) Supporting the deployment of learning technologies
  3. Core area 2: Teaching, learning and assessment processes
    • a) An understanding of teaching, learning and/or assessment processes
    • b) An understanding of my target learners
  4. Core area 3: The Wider Context: Understanding and engaging with legislation, policies and standards
    • a) Understanding and engaging with legislation
    • b) Second legislative area, or understanding and engaging with policies and standards
  5. Core area 4: Communication and working with others
  6. Specialist Area(s)
    • Defining and evidencing my specialist area(s)
  7. Future plans
  8. Appendix
  9. Confirmation

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